Artist Spotlight: Vicki Ling

Artist Spotlight: Vicki Ling

A selection of coloured pencil and graphite drawings by Chicago-based artist and illustrator Vicki Ling. Based on observations extracted from fragments of temporary spaces, Ling is interested in exploring “the flux of today’s living environment” and establishing new visual arrangements and narratives through her work:

“In the series ‘Hanging by a string’, I am exploring the feeling of insecurity brought forth from the potential catastrophes of modern life. Contemporary lifestyles tend to obscure various crises that spontaneously erupt, from privacy invasions to public health issues and from climate change to personal emotional disorders, etc. I’m interested in surfacing that sense of tension and insecurity and raise these issues to our collection consciousness in this collection of work. In the series ‘The Plastic Bloom’, I propose questions of the reflections on consumerism and hedonism.”

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Source: Booooooom