Biomorph’s Creator On Success.

Biomorph’s Creator On Success.

This Italian producer believes there that are no short cuts on the path to success. From topping Beatport’s charts consistently, to making his Burning Man debut and slaying it at festivals like Awakenings and Drumcode, his DJ success, that’s been put off for way too long, has been gaining quite a bit of attention lately. But how does he do it? Enrico started out as a sound engineer in Italy in the 90s, back when the illegal rave scene was thriving. This is when he was discovered and found his big break. He then moved on in pursuit of the international circuit and didn’t look back.

He grew up in a family that was rooted in a musical background. Hearkening to his dad’s progressive rock and his vocalist grandmother, led to an early inclination towards drumming. His fascination with “the possibility of using computers to create non-existent sounds” drew him to become a bedroom DJ and producer.

Some of his early work was an experimental mix of techno, hardcore, trance and drum ’n’ bass. He went on to audition and bag an open-air rave gig where he was the “morning guy”, catering to a wide-eyed audience that carved epiphanies in the earlier hours of the day. He always provided the masses with an immersive experience that leaves them coming back for more. This is when he shifted his focus to being a DJ and a producer.

After graduating in Milan, he worked in a recording studio, perfecting his skill. Many string players, Brazilian bands, house producers and EDM stars outsourced their production work to him for his technical talents and abilities but over some time, it just got monotonous for Enrico and created an uncomfortable work environment for him. It started to seem more about the dough than the music, which should have been the drive in the first place. This is when the perfectionist realized that there’s no easier route to success. You got to put in the man-hours and learn along the way which helps you survive the competition. It’s important to develop your own, unique sound identity. which also doesn’t happen overnight. He says it’s an on-going process which includes getting the word out there in as many ways as possible. Be it features, podcasts, events, labels, or a PR agency but the most important aspect is the track itself.

Enrico recalls that it was Secret Cinema that told him he’d been known for his music and make a living off of it. It was never about the money but about living his story through his music and everything else followed. He did struggle by leaving behind the security of a job, but it’s his creativity that thrived the most when he pushed himself out of the comfort zone. From then on, playing at more gigs followed along with growth that extended not only to the people of the scene but to a much wider and diverse crowd at festivals, events and more.

He’s also been developing his brand through Solo, a party where there’s no limit in terms of genre and he plays for the entire night. He kick starts with ambient and ends in silence and his extended set time in-between is packed with a range of dynamics where the music is rather calming but the crowd’s going insane anyway and he’s having the best time playing and experimenting.

His debut album ‘Biomorph’ which was released in June 2018 was a 4 piece production that was his musical interpretation of the 4 stages of evolution. The album ventured into downtempo rhythms and breakbeat.  It hit the number 1 spot overall and stayed there for 6 weeks. Singularly, numerous tracks excelled, but ‘Hidden T’ took the limelight hitting the number 1 techno spot, whilst Symbiosis became the soundtrack to many festivals worldwide. After the success of his brainchild “Biomorph”, the 33yr old artist is pumped to get back to producing after a six-month break. His productions have been created digitally and using analogue gear. He says being a success can come from simply doing a great job with passion. There’s no alternate magic plug-in to help fast-forward the process.