It’s Time Warp

It’s Time Warp

Time Warp DE is Europe’s archetypal techno music festival. It is held in Mannheim, the iconic bastion of techno, which is celebrated by the electronic music genre lovers for over 25 years. And counting.

In 2020 Time Warp is moving towards its 26th edition, the techno crowning jewel brings in the best of the world’s most famous and creative DJ’s and producers. They all gather for an annual event of unscaled euphoria and originality.

The community also extends to the ravers across the globe who are congregating in the festival’s enormous experience for a 19-hour inspirational set across six different stages with innovative sound and visual design.



The History

Time Warp was established in 1994 as one of the biggest techno spectacles in the world. The festival is a hotspot for thousands of party/music lovers every year. Mannheim has been home base of the festival since 2000.

For over two decades, Time Warp has been standing out globally for its uncompromised production. Time Warp’s techno artists easily capture the underground spirit of the festival, and the genre is regularly alongside up-and-coming artists.

Time Warp has evolved from a local highlight to an international behemoth. The festival is generally held in cities like New York, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, and Milan.Every year over 40 famous and creative DJs gather around in Mannheim to deliver 19 hours of party pleasures. For music lovers, it’s a chance to see and capture the moment of all the electronic artists in one place. The festivals enable you to embark on a techno experience. Visuals, lighting shows, and massive production heighten the senses for an immersive experience.

Event Details


  • Date: The Time Warp Festival 2020 edition held on Saturday 04 April, 2020.
  • Location: Maimarkt 101 Xaver-Fuhr-Straße, 68163 in Mannheim.

Time Warp is the end result of an unforgettable event, so much that it manages to move many young people from all over Europe and many from Italy willing to reach the festival with any vehicle: car, train and above all organized buses.