This just in: Richie Hawtin Releases Closer App
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This just in: Richie Hawtin Releases Closer App

Richie Hawtin has released a new app CLOSER as an audiovisual, interactive experiment built to let fans experience Hawtin’s shows. The app available on both iOS and Android lets the fans interact with clear audio and video perspectives from the CLOSE performances. It also offers multiple camera angles: concert view, stage set-up, and equipment close-up.

The app also provides real-time track information and lets the listeners manipulate different audio channels, enabling them in a way to deconstruct the performances gives them a deeper look into the shows.

The CLOSER app is an interactive audiovisual experiment designed to bring greater transparency to the underlying art of Djing in the ‘press play’ era.


The app aims at promoting his CLOSE show, and his latest album CLOSE COMBINED. CLOSE COMBINED is the first audiovisual experience that is available in the app and interweaves three different CLOSE performances from London, Tokyo, and Glasgow. CLOSE COMBINED was released in close collaboration with visual editor Ali M. Demirel.

The app, developed in partnership with Telekom Electronic Beats, also comes with a version of the Hungary performance in 2017, which is the first of many archived shows to come.

In the future, events will be stream live to the app and viewers will be able to interact in real-time by manipulating the different camera and audio channels.

“I hope [CLOSER] gives new insight into how I play and create my unique Hawtin sound.”

– Richie Hawtin

Get the iOS and Android apps here.