Yoga ft. Techno

Yoga ft. Techno

Ever wonder if it’s too late to start a new career? Meet the incredible anomaly of our time, Robert, aka Robot Bennett, the 70-year-old techno DJ from techno Capital of Europe. Meeting or hearing of another DJ in Berlin isn’t too unusual, because at first, it feels like everyone you encounter comes off as a DJ. But to play your first set at 67 will surely get you raised eyebrows.

He grew up in South Africa during the heighten unjust Apartheid regime, experienced his fair share of hardships and moved many countries and continents before setting shop in 1982 in Berlin where he kick-started on his journey as a techno Artist. His love for electronic music times back to the early ’90s, the golden era of dancing in techno clubs and revelling at festivals, where he got in the groove of techno.

He was also influenced by his oldest son’s “horrible computer music” which Robert then thought was revolting. But as his son kept playing, Robert found himself an affinity towards it.



He’s come a long way, both geographically and culturally and He’s balanced his passion as a musician alongside his career as a therapist and yoga instructor, which is how he got found out in the first place. He was conducting a body therapy workshop and used one of his mixes for the session. Two renowned DJs just happened to be part of the group.

They were quite impressed by his mix selection and suggested he start playing for the masses. He scored his first gig with Hammahalle at Sisyphos. And before he knew it, he was receiving bookings from some of Berlins most established institutions like Gretchen, Jonny Knüppel, Keller, Mensch Meier, Berghain and Rummelsbucht.


“I’d never even played at a birthday party. I’m straight in.”

He mostly plays hard techno; A dark and seldom ominous sound interspersed with some lighter tunes, the occasional vintage track and the ’60s and early ’70s classic psychedelic rock. He’s pretty self-aware and encourages people to “book me before I die” on his SoundCloud but he’s got the energy of 19-year-old, thanks to all the yoga.


“I reconnect with my essence when I dance myself into a trance. I do yoga and every morning when I get up I meditate.”.

But he says the deepest and fastest way he gets intothe zone is when he’s off in the middle of the night playing.



Listen to Rob’s latest set at Hamma Halle, Sisyphos: