kodetape #10 Basho

kodetape #10 Basho

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With little next to no musical background, Basho started his musical journey in 2012 and started DJing in 2016, opening for other artists and then moved onto his first-ever residency at Elixir, Chennai while balancing a full-time job. He’s also played at ‘Road to Ultra – Mykris Tour’. All it took, was one drunken night with some good friends who introduced him to electronic music and from that day on, he knew that he wanted to be a music producer and has never looked back.

The set is a perfect concoction of overlays, loops and mad energy. Each of these tracks has been handpicked after being listened to extensively on the go. He’s always aspiring to give each set his all and refrains from restricting himself to specific genres. He loves exploring and experimenting tech house, melodic techno and hip-hop which you’ll see a lot of incorporated into the set. He works his way from downtempo through death metal and always tries to take away something from every artist and incorporate these elements into his production. His musical influences range right from Tom Misch to Eric Prydz. He’s on an infinite journey of discovering his signature sound style but he does love a good bass-line, old school and grungy rough tunes.

When asked about the highlights of his journey he shared, “As a music producer, it’s been one hell of a ride. From cracking my first label deal to being able to constantly make music that always surpasses my previous productions. I learned every aspect of music production on my own, from music theory to putting out a finished product, I have bunked college and sat at home just to learn this, and to me, that is the biggest highlight ever. I started with producing tech-house and in 2020, I decided to change my sounds and go down the melodic techno route, and honestly, it has been the best decision ever. I have started writing songs and working with singers now, so more and more highlights to come.

Basho has two new releases coming out this month, Watch Me Fly which is out on the 26th and Day & Night (Original Mix) featuring the very talented vocalist Shilpa Natarajan. The first track has a very melodic, deep house twist to it and the other is a poem turned song which is something to look forward to.

He says, “these are hard and unpredictable times that we’re living in, music is the key to get by and has always been. There are so many artists, genres, and songs that are still undiscovered, give yourself the chance to be enamoured by it and hopefully, once this is all over, I get to take you guys on a ride with the DJ sets soon.” Amen to that! So sit back or stand up and get your groove on with this set. We hope you enjoy it and have an amazing weekend. Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates.

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Track List:

Andrew Meller – Born Slippy (Reincarnation Mix)
Enrico Sangiuliano – Ghettoblaster (Original Mix)
Jay Lumen – Asteroid (Original Mix)
UMEK – Amnesiac (Original Mix)
Raito – Acid Overflow (Original Mix)
SRVD – The Yard Man (Original Mix)
ROBPM – Seat Belt (Original Mix)
Reinier Zonneveld – Eating Concrete (Original Mix)
ROBPM – Double Slap (Original Mix)
Eats Everything – Space Raiders (Charlotte de Witte Remix)
T78, ROBPM – Acid Lick (Original Mix)