kodetape #12 Anirudh Deep

kodetape #12 Anirudh Deep

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Born and raised in Qatar, our gadget geek Anirudh grew affluent to electronic music in 2009 with the likes of David Guetta and Tiesto. He’s come a long way from there; travelling to music destinations like Amsterdam, Ibiza, Prague and more seeking inspiration. He currently runs his show Sounds of the Other Side, which promotes alternative music ranging from techno, tech house, progressive, melodic techno. Head to SoundCloud or Mixcloud to check out his work. Some of his current inspirations are Innacircle, Morttugua, Alfa Romero, to name a few. He also loves the works of homegrown talents from India and the great productions that they have been rolling out, “ranging from Techno to Downtempo, Bass Heavy, Indie, there’s tons of inspiration out there. Naming just one would be a crime!” (We agree).

He’s currently working on a release for a private brand and, we are hoping for a big release once things start opening up and it’s safe to venture out again. His message to listeners is to continue supporting initiatives(such as ours) that promote underground artists and alternative music as much as they can in their own little ways, especially during trying times like these. We’re definitely looking forward to partying it up with you and Anirudh at his next gig in town, soon!

Until then, tune-in and vibe-out to this killer deep house set. Don’t forget to subscribe to continue hearing more from us.

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Track List:

Schiller – I Feel You(8Kays Edit)
Active Child and Pablo Bolivar – Johhny Belinda (Ezequiel Arias Edit)
Aiden Gore – Hold On (Innacircle &Luegoh Remix)
Way out West – The Fall ( Simon Tagias Remix)
Mark Knight & Funkagenda – The Man with a Red Face (Yeadon Private Edit)
The Beloved – Sweet Harmony(Kosmas Epsilon & North People Remix – Cid.Inc Re-Edit)
Morttagua – Anunnaki
Who Else – Mantra at Home
Freya Ridings – Unconditional (Bautista Toniolo Remix)
Erly Tepshi & Alberth feat John M – Miss You (Erly Tepshi Version)
MUNSE, Stjepanek – Serenity