kodetape #2 The Öbjektz

kodetape #2 The Öbjektz

Homegrown artists, The Öbjektz, are a sound that resonates with all things downtempo, experimental electronica and techno. Some of their biggest musical influences are Christian Loffler, Rival Consoles, Stimming, Apparat and Trentemoller. They believe that music is a reflection of the soul. As artists, they have always ensured that with every set or EP they roll out, they try to create organic and a sort of melancholic mix of tunes to bring their ideas to life. In a way, they want to recreate their experiences to ensure that through their music the listener can transcend and connect with the sounds of nature on a deeper level.

Even their most recent EP ‘Heart Out’ features catharsis electronica sounds paired along with the soothing solitary, metaphysical wandering vocals of Singer Lakshmi. Our favourite track would be “Violet Blue”. Let us which one’s yours in the comments below.

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Track List:
Judy Garland – A Merry Christmas ( The Öbjektz Rendition)
No Mono – Violence Broken
Rival Consoles – Looming
The Öbjektz ft. Lakshmi – Violet Blue
Olafur Arnalds – Öldurót (Tontario Extended)
Aparde – Integrity
Odd Beholder – Lighting (Kalipo Remix)
Janus Rasmussen – 14 (Ryan Davis Rework)
Superpoze – Ten Lakes
Christian Loffler – Refu
Apparat – Heroist ( The Öbjektz 4/4 EDIT)