kodetape #6 ColdSnap

kodetape #6 ColdSnap

Get ready for a groovy and banger episode featuring DJ Coldsnap! This set includes his latest original ft. Shravan that’s scheduled for release this summer with Soupherb Records and we’re super excited to exclusively experience a glimpse of it here on kodetapes.

Coldsnap is the brainchild of Chennai based Music Producer & DJ, Rohan Mohanty who’s been making and playing, cutting edge underground music for 5 years now. He’s been a very keen listener that’s always kept exploring numerous electronic music festivals and observing the masses before he started out his journey as a producer who initially begun experimenting with psytrance and continues to do so.

Coldsnap focuses majorly on minimal and techno with a mix of colourful elements featuring various genres, to create one unique sound. He also likes to focus on dark genres involving very minimal and spacey melodies hovering around his tracks. A lot of his work is inspired by labels and artists such as Occultech, Digital Diamonds, Phobos, Kliment, Carlo Ruetz, Ash roy, Grouch, Jitter, Electrypnose, Nicolas Jaar and Vaeya to name a few. He thoroughly enjoys and strives to create groovy and dance tracks that really gets the crowd going and has shared the stage alongside many world renowned producers such as Monoloc, DJ lion, Matt Minimal, Ash Roy, Hidden Empire, Calm Chor and many more.

Coldsnap always tries to connect and transcend his listeners new level through his music. So as always, tune-in, let loose and have a fantastic weekend!

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Track List:

Sascha Ciccopiedi – Magic Stick (Calm Chor Remix)
ColdSnap X Shravan – Nail that Snail (Unreleased)
Gaga, Mateo! – Rare (Original Mix)
Christian raken – Dominus (Original Mix)
Kliment – Saturn Pancake
Mateo! – Again and Again (Original Mix )
Kliment – Magnetic Storm (Original Mix)
Christian Hornbostel – Implicit Function (Martin Kinrus Remix)
Uddhav x Shravan – Surf Protocol (Unreleased)
Monococ – Raptor (Original Mix)
Martin Kinrus – Paradox
Carbon – Softly Twisted (Original Mix)