kodetape #8 BLWR

kodetape #8 BLWR

BLWR is a profound artist from Sri Lanka, with diverse work experience as a disc jockey at many renowned venues and events. His sound is a unique combination of organic, melodic and electronic tracks.

He started his musical journey in early 2010, at The Leather Bar in Chennai(India) and over the next few years, he went places, made people dance, made memories and left a prominent mark of promoters and party-goers alike. Steve was recognized and his bar roused at the RESET Festival in 2014. An occasion that inspired and helped give birth to his brainchild CONNEKT, a brand that promotes electronic music with bearing no bar to the genre.

BLWR has also played alongside various well-known acts such as Adam Rahman, Audio Units, BLOT!, Dauwd, Glowal, Modrac, Murthovic, Nazira, Praveen Achary, Rebekah, SHFT, Tama Sumo, Vinayaka and many more. He is currently tied up with a well known visual artist, Ashwin Mohan as an Audio Visual project that’s been gathering quite a bit of attention. His regular podcasts have also been the talk of the town, gaining quite a large following and we’re super psyched to bring you an exclusive glimpse of BLWR doing what he does best. As usual, tune-out, plug-in and enjoy. Stay tuned for more.

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Track List:

Intro (To Be Mad In A Deranged World Is Not Madness; It’s Sanity) –
David O’Dowda – The World Retreats (Marino Canal Remix)
Bedouin – Firefly (Original Mix)
Ivory (IT) – Sense (Kadosh Remix)
Aaaron – 2020 Souls (Original Mix)
Mr Raoul K, Manoo – Bara (feat. Ahmed Sosso) (Pablo Fierro Remix)
Agoria, Blase – Wish Me Luck (Mozaik Remix)
Marcus Worgull – Broad Horizons (Original Mix)
Manuel Tur – Agrafena (Original Mix)
Ian Ludvig – Break Free (David Mayer Remix)
Ame, Mathew Jonson – Transmoderna (Original Mix)
Perel – Alles (Red Axes Remix)