kodetape #9 Siddarth Raheja

kodetape #9 Siddarth Raheja

Sneaking out to for EDM gigs, partying with his friends at 16, playing at house parties and exposure to the era of internet tutorials is what lead to Siddarth’s early inclination towards music in his teens. “I was influenced by the whole EDM scene that hit our country. Some of the biggest EDM acts of that time kept coming down to India and what got my attention the most was the energy of the music which connected the DJ and the crowd. It was pretty awesome to see how a DJ could control a dance floor”,  and that’s what nudged him in the direction to become a DJ. With a little help from online tutorials and production lessons from his music producer buddy Dwayne, homegrown talent, Siddarth kick-started his music journey in Chennai in 2016, playing at various house parties and then gradually moved on to the clubbing scene later that year. He has been through his fair share of exploring and experimenting with different genres until he found himself at home when he discovered the world of underground music in 2017. He prefers to identify as a social learner who has been a part of the crowd, observing how DJs delivery what the masses crave and what keeps them coming back.

With every gig that he’s played, Sid always loves keeping the vibe at an all-time high and leaving the audience wanting for more. He enjoys playing deep, progressive, melodic and afro house, indie dance, nu-disco and techno depending on the vibe of the party. But his signature sound would be a mix of deep, progressive and melodic tunes. His process involves constantly trying out new ideas and blending various genres to keep his mixes interesting. He believes that “you can’t create something great without indulging the risk of something going wrong. I had to keep practicing to find the sound that helps me connect with the audience. Sometimes blending two genres works extremely well, sometimes it just doesn’t. But you’ll never know unless you try it.” Even with this mix, back at the studio just before this lock-down, we decided to do a collaborative session with him. He starts with a bit of melodic house and afro and then transitioned into some dreamy progressive tunes. “My favourite track from the mix would be Tash, Starkato and SEQU3L – The Bash (SEQU3l Remix)”.

He’s taken up residency at some of the most prominent venues in the city, like Blend, Illusions, The Vault Bar Stock Exchange and more. He’s also shared the decks with artists like Adam Rahman, Matt Sassari, D Formation, Arjun Vagale, Likwid, Blot!, Kohra, Mladen Tominc, Ankytrixx to name a few, at renowned festivals such as Go: Madras, VH1 Supersonic, Marmoset, One People Festival and Aquanox. He’s also been instrumental in handling operations Flip Mag and has also contributed to many podcasts. So tune-in and enjoy listening to Sid doing what he does best. Stay tuned for more!

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Track List:

Mool – Grow A Soul (Original Mix)
CIOZ, Super Flu – Jodi Bush (Original Mix)
Matias Chilano – Analog Ghosts (Original Mix)
Deftone – Mystic Pleasure (M0B Rmx)
Damon Jee, OXO – Azylum
Sasha Carassi – Neurotic Saturday
Daniel Rateuke – Flares (Original Mix)
NekliFF, Space Motion – Laziness (Morttagua Remix)
Marcus Meinhardt – Rabbit Hole (Stereo Express Remix)
Tash, Starkato, SEQU3L – The Bash (SEQU3l Remix)
GROJ – SITH (Original Mix)
The Organism – Dioxide (Eleatics Records)
Enamour – Pet Paradox  (Eleatics Records)
Sascha Trimpe, Teklix feat. JustMeli – We Will Run (Teklix Remix)
Rodriguez Jr. – Santa Cruz (The Islander Remix)