DJ Streaming Platform launched by Mixcloud for Pro Users

DJ Streaming Platform launched by Mixcloud for Pro Users

In a time where DJs across the globe are stuck at home during this time of social isolation, Mixcloud has announced Mixcloud Live, a new feature to allow PRO users to live stream sets through Mixcloud. To add more PRO users, Mixcloud is now offering a 90-day free trial.

The ability to archive audio in these live streams is coming very soon. The new live streaming tier has been integrated with Mixcloud’s SELECT program. Mixcloud Live offers a stream key and stream URL meaning it can be used in conjunction with streaming software such as OBS, Wirecast etc.

With all live events and mass-gatherings canceled for the foreseeable future, Mixcloud has embraced this new reality providing a new platform allowing audio creators to live stream video, archive the audio and generate an income.

“We hope that Mixcloud LIVE brings a little more fun – and maybe some dancing – into your home. Particularly at this time when the world is socially distant, and we all need to feel a bit closer. In addition, we are very focused on helping creators generate more income directly from their fans via their live streams” said Cofounder Nico Perez.

This should be a big help for DJs who are getting takedown notices on their live streams because the streams will be done on a licensed platform and pay out royalties to the proper rights holders. We have had quite a few live streams taken down or muted, having someone handle the rights instead of navigating the minefield of Facebook and YouTube is a big help. Also this will deliver payouts to artists whose music is being streamed, which may not be much, but it is better than no income.

Here are some of the platform features:

Broadcast Live Shows

Get closer to your fans with Mixcloud Live; a music-focused streaming solution that enables you to stream via a legal and licensed platform.

Monetize Your Channel

Allow your fans to show their support by subscribing to your channel for a price and offering that you control.

Measure Your Audience

Utilise Pro to uncover opportunities and get to know your most engaged fans and what they’re into.

Grow a Real Fanbase

Take your learnings from Pro to expand your reach and give your existing fans more of what they want.

Take More Control

Take control with added options including highlighted shows, custom tab navigation and playlist arrangement.

Measure your Audience

With your Pro stats dashboard, you get visibility on all key listener metrics. You’ll have insights on where your fans are engaged most during individual shows, where they are listening from and what else they engage with on Mixcloud.

A Model for Everyone

Your fans subscribe to directly support you, plus everyone involved in the making of the music in your shows, fairly and legally. The price you set directly impacts what you get. Everyone benefits.